What’s this all about?

Winding Road

Many who wander are lost…

You may have heard the saying,”Not all,who wander are lost.” I take a slightly different approach to that idea. I say. “Most who wander are lost, but for some of us that is by design.”

I tend to wander through life and on many occasions I would say I end up not quite sure where I am on the journey. Sometimes that’s a problem. Sometimes that seems to work in my favor. Most times I’m OK with that, and so I wander some more. By taking crooked paths to reach my goals and occasionally allowing the structure to crumble from the planning, it provides a more varied perspective on life.

I always dreamed of becoming an expert at something. Now, after more than 50 years of being present somewhere I can say that I am an expert at one thing for sure; being who I am. Along the way, I may have picked up a nugget or two of insight I can share on the off-chance that someone else who hears it might benefit in some way.

I am a visual learner, so the pictures I take help to convey the message and reinforce the lessons I’ve learned. I rarely take a picture “just because.”  I must be stirred by the scene I am about to capture. This blog gives me a chance to add insight to the thousands of pictures I’ve taken. I’ve been told many times that “hope” is not a good planning tool, but I hope you have enjoy what you find here.

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